Lyft Program


Wear Yellow Nebraska wants to ensure the best experience possible for our participants of the Wear Yellow Cab Ride Program. We have partnered with Lyft as our primary transportation service for the Wear Yellow Cab Ride Program. If by chance a Lyft driver is not available for your patient at the time needed, the Happy Cab service will remain in place as our backup.

Below is training and contact information on the Lyft program to keep you up to date.

Feel free to share the survey link below with participants so that we can continue to improve the program.

Please complete this 5 question survey to share your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Below are just a few questions we’ve been asked and we’ll post these on our website and continue to update them.

Q: What can we schedule rides for?
A: Can rides are to be schedule to provide transportation to and from treatment for Nebraska cancer patients. Due to the tremendous growth, and cost of the program, we have to keep the focus of the program on getting patients to and from their treatment session.

Q: If a patient has a care giver who attends their treatment appointment with them, can they ride with the patient?
A: Yes, if a patient has a caregiver who needs to attend the treatment session with the patient, and cannot drive, they can ride with the patient via the Cab Ride Program.

Q: Are there Will Call Rides like the Cab Company Had?
A: For the question on the will call rides. These are where we have seen our most no show charges as it seems the cab will show up, wait their 5 minutes (if that), and if they don’t connect with the patient, they’re off. So we would prefer to not use this feature with the cab program and if possible, if there is someone available at the end of a treatment session, that they could schedule a ride through lyft as you can schedule rides for future date/time.

Q: Is there an amount of time the driver is to wait before cancelling the ride?
A: Yes, the driver is to wait 2 minutes and to call the phone number provided to them when the ride was scheduled to see that the passenger is still coming.

Q: When scheduling a ride for a patient, and clearly identifying where to be dropped off at and the driver does not drop them off there, what can we do?
A: When scheduling a ride, be sure to use the exact address, and entrance location that you want the patient picked up at, or dropped off at. If a patient is being dropped off, and the driver has not taken them to the correct entrance, they can demand the driver go to the correct entrance as technically they have not completed the ride. If a driver every says no, have the patient ask for the Lyft customer service number (this will either encourage the driver to go to the right door, or take a hit on their Lyft profile) can call them to file a complaint. Lyft drivers live by their five start status, so typically they will oblige and do the right thing.

Q: Are there written guidelines as to who qualifies for a ride?
A: Our guidelines are that the rides are only for taking a patient to and from treatment. So if it’s someone who is who is abusing the program you have the right to refuse a ride. If you’re not comfortable with that, we’re happy to talk with the patient or provide that in writing. For the ongoing appointments such as dental, physical therapy or mental health counseling, that we would not provide rides for as that’s not a treatment session.

Q: Are there bad Lyft drivers?
A: Unfortunately like in any customer service business, there is a bad apple that comes a long once in a while. Lyft drivers are successful by the service they provide and the feedback their riders provide about them. So we’d like to say that all Lyft drivers are going to be very helpful, and great to our program participants, we can’t. Fortunately for the patients, the five start rating program Lyft uses does help weed out those who are not customer service oriented.

If you have additional questions, please let us know. And if you have an all staff meeting, or event that you would like one of us to come talk about the program at, cover the training, or answer questions, please let us know as we’re happy to help.

Thank you,

Wear Yellow Nebraska